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Newsletter Evropského integračního portálu - č. 82

Newsletter Evropského integračního portálu - č. 82

Níže naleznete květnový newsletter Evropského integračního portálu. Z aktuálního obsahu bychom vás rádi upozornili na následující informace:

Evropská komise schválila Akční plán pro integraci cizinců ze 3. zemí
7. června Evropská komise zveřejnila Akční plán pro integraci cizinců ze 3. zemí. Jeho smyslem je být oporou pro rozvoj a posilování integračních politik členských zemí. Plán rovněž popisuje konkrétní politiky, praktické i finanční nástroje, které bude Evropská komise využívat. Podívejte se, co Akční plán obsahuje. Tiskovou zprávu o zveřejnění Akčního plánu v češtině najdete zde

EWSI získá novou tvář
Zjednodušený a přehlednější Evropský integrační portál bude spuštěn koncem června. Podívejte se, jaké změny na nás čekají.

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14 June 2016 / Issue 82

Last Tuesday 7 June, the European Union adopted its Integration Action Plan of Third-Country Nationals. The Plan provides a comprehensive framework to support Member States' efforts in developing and strengthening their migrant integration policies, and describes the concrete policy, operational and financial measures the European Commission will implement. Discover the Plan

As a first step after the approval of the new Action Plan, the homepage of the European Web Site on Integration will be simplified to ease navigation so that users can quickly find the information they are looking for. See further changes

More European News

2nd Council Rule of Law Dialogue focused on integration

On 24 May, the European Council held its second annual rule of law dialogue with a focus on the challenges that the current migratory flows create for the safeguarding of the EU's fundamental values. Ministers stressed the importance of respecting EU fundamental values when receiving refugees and recalled that these values have also to be respected by refugees. Read more

Urban Agenda partnership on migrant inclusion

On 30 May, the informal Ministerial meeting on urban matters agreed on the "Pact of Amsterdam", which sets out the principles of the EU Urban Agenda for multilevel governance. The Pact's aims

Anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise, says Council of Europe Anti-Racism Body

According to the annual report of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), the commitment of many European countries to human rights-oriented migration policies was brought to the test in 2015. Scepticism about the local ability to cope with the increasing number of migrants and asylum-seekers was voiced, against the background of openly xenophobic and Islamophobic public debate and a number of attacks against reception centres. Further trends


Upcoming Events

Brussels - Launch of the Knowledge Centre on Migration & Demography


20/06/2016 09:00

(200 rue de la Loi, Brussels, Berlaymont building, Schuman Room)

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography, an initiative of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, will be launched on 20 June 2016. The event will be headlined by various Commissioners, including First Vice-President Timmermans,…

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Athens - A series of public discussions on "Xenophobia and hate speech"


21/06/2016 18:30

("Free Thinking Zone", 64 Skoufa street, Athens)

The Bodossaki Foundation, Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Greece, together with Youthnet Hellas, the local partner for the Council of Europe's campaign No Hate Speech Movement, is organising a series of discussions about different stereotypes and actions that reinforce hate speech in…

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Brussels - EC Employment Mutual Learning Event on refugee integration


22/06/2016 09:00

(Thon Hotel EU, rue de la Loi 75, Brussels)

The European Commission is organising a conference on the integration of asylum seekers and refugees on 22 June 2016 in Brussels. Best ways to integrate refugees in European labour markets and specific social integration needs of refugees will be the main focus of the conference. As there is a…

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Oslo - 6th European Conference on Migrant Ethnic Minority Health


23/06/2016 09:00

(Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Pilestredet 32, Oslo)

The Migrant and Ethnic Minority section of the European Public Health Association and the Norwegian Center for Minority Health Research (NAKMI) are hosting the 6th EUPHA Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in Oslo. ‘Equity – the Policy Practice Gap in Health’…

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Rome - Seminar on experiences of refugee reception in private homes


24/06/2016 10:00

(Centro cittadino per le migrazioni, l’asilo e l’integrazione sociale, via Assisi 41, Roma)

A national seminar on local experiences of refugee reception in private homes will be organised by the cooperative Programma Integra in Rome next 24 June 2016. The event titled Home Keys: experiences of refugee reception in Italian households  (Le chiavi di casa: esperienze di accoglienza…

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Brussels - Launch of the New Skills Agenda for Europe


20/06/2016 09:30

(Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75, Brussels)

On 20 June, the European Commission is launching the New Skills Agenda for Europe to boost human capital, employability and competitiveness. The actions of the New Skills Agenda focus on ensuring higher and more relevant skills, improving visibility and use of available skills, and…

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Latest News

Greece: EC approves 56 million euros to improve the hosting of refugees and migrants


The European Commission announced on Friday that it had approved 56 million euros in emergency funding to improve Greece ability to host migrants and refugees. 13 million euros will be split between the Interior Ministry, the Administrative Reform Ministry and the National Asylum Service to… 

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Italy: Tax on residence permits ruled unlawful


A ruling by the Administrative Court of the Lazio Region (TAR del Lazio) has stated the illegitimacy of the tax imposed for the issuing and renewal of residence permits of third-country nationals regularly residing in Italy. The tax was introduced by a Ministerial Decree , undersigned by the… 

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Poland: Launch of the information campaign ‘I do not pay for work’, targeted at Ukrainian workers


According to the results of a research conducted by the recruitment agency OTTO Polska and the University of Business in Wroclaw, as many as 60% of Ukrainian interviewees declare to have paid to take up job in Poland. This means that thousands of Ukrainian workers have potentially been deceived… 

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Malta: Law on racial hatred to be updated


A court case heard on 13 May 2016 highlighted an outdated Maltese law on the incitement of racial hatred. A Maltese prison warden incited racial hatred against refugees in Sweden in his comments on Facebook, saying that he hoped they were burning inside a shelter, could not be condemned… 

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Portugal: Applications for the 2nd edition of the "For Cultural Diversity" Communication Award now open


The High Commission for Migrations announced today 3 May, on World Press Freedom Day, the 2nd edition of the Communication Award "For Cultural Diversity". In order to promote cultural diversity in the media, this award intends to reward work on the integration of migrant and Roma communities… 

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Spain: Poor working conditions of domestic workers affect their integration


At the end of 2011, when a special contribution scheme for domestic workers, mostly immigrant women, was established, there were 686,900 people engaged in domestic work; out of which, 248,916 (42.9%) were affiliated in the Spanish Social Security system. Although membership has since grown… 

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Sweden: OECD Report on Swedish labour market integration policy


On 13 May 2016, the OECD presented its report about the Swedish integration policy at a seminar in Stockholm. The report  Working together – Skills and labour market integration of immigrants and their children  shows that Sweden has a well-developed and sustainable asylum system… 

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Netherlands: Majority of newcomers do not fulfil their civic integration requirements


The new Civic Integration Act which came into force on 1 January 2013 states that newcomers are responsible for the preparation they might need in order to pass the compulsory integration exam. Since then, the number of newcomers who have taken and passed the integration exam… 

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Austria: Foreigners are net contributors to the welfare system


30% of the population believes that immigrants receive more social benefits than they contribute to the financing of services. This opinion is most pronounced in Austria in comparison to most European countries, as shown in data from the European Social Survey (ESS). The Ministry of Social… 

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Ireland: National media organisation announces plans for a new strategy on diversity


RTÉ, the national public-service media organisation, is preparing a new strategy on diversity, in which it hopes to address gaps it admits currently exist in this critical area. Diversity is already addressed to some extend in the Broadcasting Act 2009  which requires public media to… 

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Integration Practices recently uploaded

Parents’ Integration through Partnership


The Parents’ Integration through Partnership (PIP) project was an multi-strand project set up by the social enterprise specialised in Adult learning Learning Unlimited. The project was designed to support the language learning and integration of non-EU mothers of school children at partner… 

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Latest funding information

Europe: 2016 EESC Civil Society Prize - Migrants


The 2016 edition of the Civil Society Prize, annually delivered by the European Economic Social Committee since 2006, will focus on migrant integration. The Committee will reward initiatives carried out by civil society organisations and/or individuals and aimed at improving migrants' lives and… 

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Bulgaria: AMIF Funding opportunity for providers of administrative, legal, social and medical assistance


On 12 May 2016, the Ministry of Interior opened a new call for proposals under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund ((AMIF) 2014-2020 – BG / AMIF - SO2 - NO2 - A2 Providing administrative and legal consultations and medical, psychological and social assistance to third country… 

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Latest documents

The Right of the Child to Family Reunification, advocacy brief by UNICEF


UNICEF's advocacy brief The Right of the Child to Family Reunification provides an overview of the EU standards, namely the EU family reunification directive , and international standards, particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the gaps in national legislation and… 

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Forgotten Women: The Impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women


This European comparative report discusses the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women in the field of employment and hate crime. It is based on eight national reports from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom, following research conducted… 

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Impact of the Refugee Crisis on Bulgarian Society and Politics: Fears But No Hatred


This nationwide opinion poll conducted by the Bulgarian office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation demonstrates that, in Bulgaria, the attitude towards refugees is ambivalent and susceptible of being strongly influenced by public messages. The Bulgarian society is charged with… 

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