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Newsletter Evropského integračního portálu - č. 76

Newsletter Evropského integračního portálu - č. 76

Níže naleznete aktuální newsletter Evropského integračního portálu. Z aktuálního obsahu bych vás rád upozornil na následující informace:
- 2. setkání Evropského migračního fóra, tematicky zaměřeného na legální a pracovní migraci, se bude konat 6. a 7. dubna 2016 v Bruselu. Evropská komise spolu s Evropským hospodářským a sociálním výborem vyzývají zájemce o účast na fóru k registraci. 
- Dle čerstvé studie Rozvojové banky Rady Evropypodpořila tato instituce v letech 2000-2015 integrační a humanitární projekty směřované na podporu uprchlíků, migrantů či vysídlených osob za více než 1 miliardu Eur. Téměř dvě třetiny z celkové sumy směřovaly do zemí jižní Evropy, z nichž se v poslední době staly nové cílové destinace mnoha pracovních migrantů.



8 December 2015 / Issue n°76

WELCOME! This is the 76th issue of the European Web Site on Integration's newsletter. Every month, the Editorial team of the European Web Site on Integration sends you a selection of content recently published on the Site.

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EU: Call for expression of interest - 2nd meeting of the European Migration Forum

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee are launching the call for expression of interest to participate in the 2nd meeting of the European Migration Forum. The meeting will take place on 6-7 April 2016 in Brussels and focus on legal/labour migration.

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EU: New debate on integration among Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Ministers

EU Education, Youth, Culture and Sports Ministers vowed to better use education and sport to prevent social exclusion and radicalisation at their 23 and 24 November 2015 Council meeting. The Luxembourg Presidency introduced these issues on the agenda for new debate, with a briefing and discussion paper in response to the current refugee crisis, though talks were dominated by the Paris attacks and Brussels security threat.

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EU: Council of Europe's Development Bank shares its experience on migrant integration

The Council of Europe’s Development Bank (CEB) summarised its experience on migrant integration in its 27 November 2015 Technical Study on the Integration of Migrants in Europe. Over the period 1956-2015, the Bank approved projects in favour of refugees, migrants and displaced persons for a total of € 3 billion, representing 6% of all loans approved.

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Upcoming Events

Tallinn - Annual Conference of Human Rights 2015: Human Rights in Changing Times

10/12/2015 08:30
(Swissotel Tallinn, Estonia)
The Estonian Institute of Human Rigths organises a fifth annual Conference on Human Rights, that will focus on human rights in changing times. Over 350 experts, diplomats, activists and politicians will participate to discussions covering topics such as case studies from the European Court of…
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Poland - Conference of the National Platform of Cooperation for Integration

17/12/2015 10:30
(To be confirmed)
Over half of the world population live in cities. Migration is one of the drivers of the cities’ development and rising diversity. The impact of human mobility on urbanisation is one of the phenomenon to be discussed during the national conference. The goal is to exchange expertise on…
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Lisbon - Annual Conference of the Portuguese Observatory of Migration

18/12/2015 09:00
(Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Avenida de Berna, 45A Lisboa, Portugal)
The High Commissioner for Migration (ACM, IP) within the framework of the celebrations of the International Migrants Day is organising the annual conference of the Observatory of Migrations. Ten of the most recent studies sponsored by the Observatory of Migrations will be presented and…
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Latest News

Finland: Action Plan on Integration taking into account increasing immigration flows

The Finnish Action plan on Integration has been adopted by the ministerial working group on migration on 27 November 2015. The plan takes into account the current situation and anticipates an increase of 10,000 people who will need integration services next year. It emphasises the…
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Austria: "Asylum on time" from mid-November

The two governing parties agreed on a new law on asylum. This should already be applied by 15 November 2015, although the law will probably be decided by parliament in December. The government foresees the introduction of "asylum on time" and a worsening family reunification. In the future,…
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Hungary: 'Velkám májgrentsz!' campaign and apartment rental programme launched

Menedék – Hungarian Association for Migrants has launched a video-series and apartment rental programme called Velkám Májgrentsz!  The participatory docu-series was created with the contribution of Hungarian celebrities and migrants who spent some days together…
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Spain: Gender violence statistics - Foreign women over-represented among victims of domestic violence

According to the report Ten Years of the Organic Law 1/2004 of 28 December on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence in the courts , published in the Bulletin of Statistical Information of the Judiciary General Council (CGPJ in Spanish), there have been a total of…
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Greece: Tsipras meets islands' local authorities and religious leaders over refugee crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras invited the mayors of eastern Aegean islands bearing the brunt of the current refugee crisis to Athens for an emergency meeting on how to deal with the crisis . The meeting was also attended by the north and south Aegean regional governors as well as mayors…
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Sweden: New law forces municipalities to settle persons granted asylum

A new government bill (2015/16:54) proposes that municipalities as of March 2016 must accept to settle persons granted asylum and their families. The aim of the proposal is that all municipalities should be involved and take responsibility for the reception of new arrivals to improve the…
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Portugal: Immigrant Entrepreneurship Programme delivers diplomas to trainees

Twenty-three trainees who participated in the training on "Support for Business Creation" under the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Program received on 25th November their diplomas. The ceremony was held at the National Centre for Immigrant Support (CNAI) and was an initiative of the Office for…
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Germany: Schools have reduced educational inequality

In 2000, Germany experienced an uncomfortable reality check when the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed disappointing results for performance and equality in its schools. The country tested below average in maths, reading and science in the Programme for…
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Poland: The Supreme Audit Office's Report on Social and Integration Assistance for Refugees

The main conclusion of the new report of the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) on social and integration assistance for asylum seekers (pre-integration) and recognised refugees (integration) is that the help is insufficient, does not allow an independent live after a transitional period and therefore,…
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Integration Practices recently uploaded

PROXI: Online Project against Xenophobia and Intolerance in Online Media

The project PROXI aims to contribute to preventing the appearance, development and spread of xenophobic and intolerant attitudes among the population in Spain. It identifies, analyses and disassembles arguments that feed online hate speech against migrants and Roma. To do so, PROXI carries out…
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Latest documents

Intermarriage and Integration Revisited: International Experiences and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

In the latest volume of the ANNALS, guest editor Dan Rodríguez-Garcia presents articles by leading social scientists examining racial intermarriage and its effects on social integration. The volume accounts for how intermarriage is defined and perceived in different settings and…
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International Migration in Luxembourg

Migration has always played an important role in Luxembourg’s history. In 2014 and 2015, due to the refugee crisis, migration became the focus of the economic, social and political debates, in particular during Luxembourg’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. As a…
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