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Transeuropa festival 2013

Transeuropa Festival is a unique transnational festival of culture, arts and politics, taking place in 13 cities all over Europe. It is a collaborative open and public space for the emergence of an alternative Europe.

Transeuropa Festival is the result of a participative process taking place throughout the year across Europe, involving more than 200 activists and volunteers, spread over 13 cities in 12 European countries, mobilised in order to achieve a truly Transnational festival.

Each city of the Festival has a local group of activists, who meet up during the year, organizing activities, taking forward campaigns and discussing the contents and activities of the Festival. All the local groups work collaboratively during the year, thanks to monthly meetings and a constant online communication, building shared visions and proposals on the urgencies and priorities challenging Europe.

datum:3. října 2013 (čtvrtek) - 6. října 2013 (neděle)
pořádá:European Alternatives
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