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22nd Forum 2000 Conference

The 22nd annual Conference will be held in Prague on October 7-9, 2018. The meeting, taking place under the title "Democracy: In Need of a Critical Update?", will host a wide range of illustrious personalities from a number of fields – politicians, philosophers, authors, activists and dissidents, policy analysts, entrepreneurs, or artists

Discussions will examine the social and economic challenges to democracy, growing populism and nationalism, and the dramatic changes of the information space in the digital era. The conference will engage the younger generation to share their views on these issues and discuss ways to renew trust in democratic governance.

The main program, taking place in the Žofín Palace and the Goethe Institute will offer some 30 events divided into a public part with panel discussions and lectures, and a working part with workshops and meetings. The public part of the Conference takes place on Monday (October 8) and is open to the general and professional public, free of charge but upon registration. Sunday (October 7) and Tuesday (October 9) are dedicated to closed workshops and meetings by special invitation only. 

The registration is required to participate as an observer of the discussions held at Žofín Palace and Goethe-Institute. Registration will open on Wednesday, August 1. However completing the registration form does not guarantee you the access to the Conference, and each application must be confirmed by organizers. Once your registration is confirmed, we expect your participation during the whole duration of the Conference.

We look forward to welcoming you there! 

For more information please visit: http://bit.ly/2IDkRDt

datum: 7. října 2018 (neděle) 19:00 - 9. října 2018 (úterý) 19:00
místo: Praha
pořádá: Forum 2000



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