Exhibitions and debates

Recommentations for policy makers
Recommendations provide a summary of key findings based on country reports. They have been published on the information portal

Country reports

Contry reports from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Sweden have been published on the information portal (both in English and Czech).

Documentary pictures of project activites

Documentary pictures of the main project activities have been published on this website in chapter Photos. 


Press release

Multicultural Center Prague

Project Flexi-in-Security
Multicultural Center Prague has launched a new project called “FLEXI-IN-SECURITY” aiming at human and social rights of migrant workers. Member States of the European Union have pledged to support the principle of "flexicurity", that is to say the balance between labor market flexibility ("flexi") and social security provision ("security"). The impact of the economic crisis on labor migrants, who often lost everything when laid off from their jobs, showed the inability of states to provide basic social security rights for migrants in spite of the more flexible labor market which the employment of the migrant workers brought about. The flexibility of the labor market is in many cases a result of the exploitation of migrants by intermediaries and job agencies, who take advantage of the migrants' dependency. Is the situation of migrants in the Czech Republic singular, or do we face similar situations in other EU countries as well? Are there are some mechanisms in these countries that protect the migrants more effectively?

The FLEXI-IN-SECURITY project introduces four interrelated modules that explain and illustrate the current situation of migrant workers and the practice of human and social rights in selected EU countries:


Documentary reports
Ten reporters paired with ten photographers have documented the socio-economic changes in the immigrant communities of the EU countries through real life stories. In the various social systems environments, the different levels of migrants' vulnerability appear.

International comparative research and informational portal
Within this module, reports from selected EU countries will be created. The reports will present the social security system and effective actions that minimize the vulnerability of migrant workers. Based on these reports, practical recommendations designed for employers, public sector representatives, representatives of trade unions, and NGOs working with migrants concerning the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic will be published. 

During 2011, a mobile exhibition based on the real life stories of migrant workers during the economic recession in selected  EU countries will be introduced in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Ostrava and other towns), Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Poland. The exhibition will be also accessible via internet as an extension of the existing webpage Part of the exhibition will be also included in the printout of the documentary reports.

 Discussions and seminars

Debates on the current situation of labor migrants in the context of a European experience, as presented in the documentary reports and in the international comparative research, will take place within this module. The debates will be carried out in the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Ostrava and other towns), Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Poland. A special seminar will be prepared for employers, state bureaus representatives and other interested parties.