Researchers and photographers:

Claire Allard (*1967): Claire studied at "Le 75", a school of photography in Brussels. She has always been devoted to studying reports about the world of hard work, especially on working conditions in factories and construction sites. She has helped organize exhibitions of young artists and promote their works. As a former dancer, she continues to work on photographic research concerning the body in movement and in portraits.


Octavian Bâlea (*1984):
Octavian was born in Bucharest. He graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Fine Arts University, Bucharest and then studied at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. After moving to Finland, he worked as a product designer for Nokia. Now, he has his own shop and gallery in Helsinki and is working on a book about Finnish Romanticism. His work has been exhibited in Romania, Poland, Finland, Germany, and elsewhere.

Massimo Bortolini
(*1961): Massimo is a project manager at Centre Bruxellois d´Action Interculturelle (CBAI). He has been working there since 1986 on topics concerning issues of migration.


Rica Agnes Castañeda
(*1982): Rica was born in Manila, Philippines. She studied and contributed to research projects with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore and the Institute of Policy Studies in Singapore for seven years. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it She is currently in a PhD program in Migration and Social Cohesion (MISOCO) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.


Trixi Eder (*
1985): Trixi was born in Munich. She studied economy and psychology in university. Ever since she was 14 she has been interested in photography and film and has participated in many exhibitions and publications. She won an award at the Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2008 with her film BEN und HANNA and made a documentary on oil pollution in Ecuador. 


Jan Hanzlík (*1976):
Jan is a historian, journalist, and photographer. He studied modern history at Charles University and, together with Petr Šilhánek, founded the correspondent agency Papa e Mama. Currently, he has been working as the editor–in-chief of the review “Memory and History” published by The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes. 


Cyril Horiszny
(*1977): Cyril is a French photojournalist. He studied history at Sorbonne, where he became interested in Eastern Europe, particularly the Ukraine, the homeland of his grandparents. He is attracted by the diverse and complex post-Soviet space, by the clash of the past and the hard transition of these young states. He pays special attention to social and ethnic topics through urban and rural life. His works has been exhibited internationally. For more:

Tomáš Janeba (*1973): Tomáš studied Territorial Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and where is he is currently working on his PhD. Up until 2010 he worked at the International Organization for Migration in Prague as a project manager and researcher. His focus is on issues of labor migration and labor exploitation in a community of Mongolian labor migrants in the Czech Republic.


Jérémie Jung (*1980):
Jérémie is a web and graphic designer from France. He graduated in Fine Arts and Multimedia. He collaborates with NGOs in the field of non-formal education, which led him to the desire to try to make pictures in a way in which everybody would get the chance to learn about strange topics from them. To this end, he currently studies photojournalism in Paris. For more:

Monika Kmita (*1984): Monika graduated from philosophy and photography at the European Academy of Photography, Warsaw. She has participated in many group exhibitions and publications with other artists, such as an alternative guidebook though Warsaw called “Do it in Warsaw”, 2nd edition. Her photos were published in the weekly cultural supplement of the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.
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Martina Křížková (*1975): Martina graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague in media studies. She coordinated a campaign at the Multicultural Center Prague in support of equal rights. Currently, she is a freelance journalist and a redactor of Czech magazine Nový prostor.


David Kumermann (*1975): David graduated in still photography from the Film and TV School at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He works as a freelance photographer, collaborates with several NGOs and in his non-commercial creative work he focuses on long-term documentary projects. For more: david(alt+64)

Tomáš Lindner (*1981):
Tomáš works for the Czech weekly news magazine Respekt. He focuses on Africa, Germany and the relations between “developed” and “developing” countries. In the past two years, he has been responsible for the foreign reporting section of Respekt. In 2008, he published a book of articles from Southern Africa called “Waiting for the Rainy Season“.

Georgiana Catalina Macovei 
(*….): Georgiana graduated from the
University of Foreign Languages in Bucharest, specializing in English and German language, literature and cultural studies. After completing her final year of studies in Bochum, Germany, as part of a scholarship granted by the Erasmus/Sokrates Foundation, she remained in Bochum and started her Master studies, majoring in Media Studies/Journalism and English. Being a migrant herself, she has long developed a particular interest in the phenomenon of migration and the rights of migrants.


Jay Panelo (*1974):
Jay has been a professional architect for fourteen years. He is an arts enthusiast who prefers analog photography as a form of medium for the visual arts, even in this age of digital photography.


Lisa Riedner
 (*1984): Lisa is a PhD student in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester. Currently, she is doing a research concerning the struggles of workers from Bulgaria in Munich who have problematic legal status. Her project is also an experiment on combining political activism and social research. She is part of the “Network for Critical Migration Studies” (Netzwerk kritische Migrations - und Grenzregimeforschung/kritnet).

Petr Šilhánek (*1973): 
Petr is a photographer. His core interest is photography as a means of social documentation. He has been working among IDP´s in Sri Lanka and in Georgia, with minorities in Czech Republic and with homeless people in Georgia or Ukraine. He photo-documented projects of Caritas Czech Republic in Afghanistan, Indonesia etc. He has a gallery in Prague. For more: 


Piotr Szenajch (*1983): 
Piotr graduated in sociology from Warsaw University and now studies at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Science.


Daiva Tereščenko (Simanavičiūtė) (*1979): Daiva received her PhD in history at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. She has been interested in the topic of migration since 2004. She focuses on diaspora organisation and formation, labor and city migration.

 Iva Zímová (*1956): Iva was born in Czechoslovakia on September 11, 1956. She studied at the Commercial Art School in Jablonec nad Nisou. In 1982, she emigrated to Canada and studied at the Dawson Institute of Photography (1987-1990). In 1993, she graduated from the Concordia University, Montréal, and obtained Bachelor of Fine Art Diploma. In 1992, she was awarded the Canada Council Grant to photograph Czech minorities in Romania and in 1993, she received grant of the Ministère de Culture du Québec to document native people of northern Québec. In 1994, she was contracted by the Canadian International Development Agency to record on photographs aspects of everyday life in Ukraine. In 1999, she documented the diversity of CAW workers (National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada). Her work has been exhibited internationally, (Canada, United States, China, Ukraine, Mexico, Jordan, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Russia) and it has always been focused on people.

For the last twelve years, she has been contributing by her work to the Czech NGO People in Need Foundation. Her work can be seen at: Iva is represented by Panos Pictures.




Laura Kopecká
Jakob Hurrle
Björn Jungius


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