Prague Conference


Conference State policy and the integration of migrants into society

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The international conference, discussions and workshops held as part of the MIPEX and FLEXI-INSECURITY projects presented an overview of Czech migration and integration policy, its comparison in a European context and its reflection of the position of migrants in practice. Besides integration, the conference also focused on the impact of the economic crisis on work migrants. The panel discussions focused on successful integration strategies, and during the first workshop, two examples from abroad were presented. The second workshop familiarised participants with the migration policy of the Czech Republic. The purpose of this event was to familiarise the professional public as a whole with the results of both projects and to formulate recommendations for the politicians in the Czech Republic who are responsible for creating and applying the country's migration policy. The conference was held under the auspices of Deputy Chairwoman of the Czech Senate Dr Alena Gajdušková.

More information on the conference and video records of presentations and workshops are available on information portal.

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